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Callibri Muscle Tracker
Callibri Muscle Tracker

Callibri Muscle Tracker

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The system allows you to register your muscles’ biopotential (EMG) and monitor the activity throughout the workout.

Myographic system enables you to assess and compare how different muscles get engaged in the moving pattern.

Callibri Muscle Tracker system consists of four Bluetooth-connected Callibri sensors and software for your computer that helps you estimate and track how your body works when you exercise.

Here’s what you get with using Callibri Muscle Tracker for fitness:

  • real time multichannel recording of athlete’s muscle activity;
  • instant analysis of workout effectiveness;
  • visualized activity of the chosen zones in real time;
  • assessment and performance prediction;
  • analysis of individual muscle activity features based on electromyogram;
  • «movement tuning» for asymmetrical engagement.

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